3+1 GTM !

Amplo Global’s products AmploFly4.0TM and AmploFly4.0DT empower customers through customized, cloud-based, self-directed, data and design-led solutions. These enterprise solutions apply to a myriad of industries (such as Industrial, Health Sciences, Distribution,, Energy, and many more) across six major domains.

● Supply Chain Management
● Sustainability Modeling
● Customer Channel Management
● IT Strategy, and Debt Analysis

These 3+1 offerings can be viewed as a collection of key business and technology transformation imperatives.

The primary domains, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Modeling, and Customer Channel Management : all three of these can be looked upon as powerful catalysts for organization-wide change.

Amplo Global re-imagines supply chains as integrated and cyclically evolving, dynamic environments, as opposed to traditional sequential strategy hierarchies. Our supply chain solutions utilize real-time data and AI to identify potential disruptions and ensure process continuity and compliance driving E2E visibility.

Our sustainability modeling solutions provide a complete framework to shape and report sustainability goals, strategies, and activities, strengthen stakeholder relations, and keep pace with policy developments.

Our customer channel management solutions provide insights on how to achieve success with partners in a competitive context and enhance benefits to end-consumers.

Supply chain and logistics strategies apply to every customer channel and channel partner. At the same time, partner and vendor risk extends to both sustainability and supply chain planning. Risk management is a key component of all three of these domains. Managing and mitigating risk is a direct outcome of enabling AmploFly4.0TM.

Our IT strategy and Debt Analysis offering can help enable AI-driven automation and sourcing strategy to efficiently provision technology resources, cut operational costs, and optimize overall utilization.

These three plus one offerings help our customers create new sources of revenue and build new engagement models as a part of an evolving e-Marketplace, via Design Thinking and Road Mapping. Our Design Thinking module enables our clients to develop customer journey maps for each persona through simulation based on customer research, industry data, and empathy data. Our Data lake pod unifies business and IT perspectives to create an enterprise-wide alignment of vision and guidance on leveraging data as a profit rather than cost center.

Amplo Global is committed to empowering your organization to effectively maximize self-directed strategy, minimize costs, and shift funds to innovation, enabling you to invest in new business and revenue models. Our proprietary, cloud-based platform will change your company’s culture, approach, execution, and ability to achieve previously unattainable heights.

Are you ready for your new normal?