Academic Relationships

"Such an innovation on design-led and data led modeling...."

Amplo Global Inc is partnering with Rutgers University on Design Thinking and Innovation through the use of AmploFly4.0Our flagship product is being used to solve Case Studies and create an innovation pipeline. Amplo is helping imbibe the changes that Industry 4.0 brings to strategy formulation, at the very beginning of learning and practicing Management.


"Amplo Global is the biggest findings in 2020"

Amplo Global Inc is partnering with the Indian School of Business on operations management with a specific focus on OEE and Supply Chain Management. AmploFly4.0 is being used by the students of the executive MBA batch to formulate strategy, solve operational efficiency problems and transform processes for tailor-made case studies with simulations. Amplo is helping to change the way future leaders will approach Supply Chain and Operations related problems.