Ashok Pamidi


Ashok is a purpose-driven and visionary leader. He led NASSCOM Foundation by aligning, scaling, sustaining initiatives that propelled the industry in achieving its goals of social transformation and impact through technology. At NASSCOM, over 5 years, he has donned multiple hats at leadership level. As a 30-year IT industry veteran, Ashok has worked with IBM as a Geo Expansion Leader and HP/Compaq/Digital as a transformational leader.

Industry Specialization: He has expertise in IT, Software and Services.

Functional Expertise: Diversity and Inclusion and Social Development. Government relationships, partnerships, policy and advocacy are his forte.

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Bata Senapati


Bata is an experienced Supply Chain Technology professional with a 30-year track record of effective leadership in Developing & Executing Technology strategy; digital supply chain transformation; setting up and driving modern technology innovation center of competency using IoT/AI/ML; delivering technology solutions including Portfolio and Program management, Application architecture, development, and production operation; management consulting, business relationship management, vendor relationship management, and people leadership.

Bata currently is the Vice President, Supply Chain Technology at HAVI, a leading logistics, distribution, and supply chain company where his focus has been targeted supply chain technology transformation in the areas of Finance, Procurement, Order Management, Warehouse & Transportation Management, Supply Chain Planning, and Customer Relationship Management. In the past, while working for KPMG and Tata Consultancy Services, Bata has led several business process and technology transformation initiatives at several global brands from a diverse group of industry domains.

Bata is Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) by Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) formerly known as APICS.

Industry Specialization:

Logistics and Distribution, Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), Electronics and Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Energy, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Media & Entertainment, Airlines, Medical Service, and Retail Banking

Functional Expertise:

Supply Chain Management, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Plan to Make, WMS, TMS, and CRM, Data Management, Data Management, and data architecture, BI/KPI etc.

Cyra Richardson


With rich experience of more than 20 years in the IT industry, Cyra Richardson has played multiple roles as a technical entrepreneurial leader (General Manager, Engineering Director etc.) in start ups and in large organizations. She has expertise in the consumer designing and executive coaching. She had helped Microsoft to achieve top level business improvement (worth 13.5 point NSAT) and also empowered some well known e-commerce organizations to generate $312 Million revenue growth. She is an effective leader and delivered impactful solutions to the market for the large organizations & for the start ups as well.

Industry Specialization: E-commerce, IT, AI, Robotics & SaaS

Functional Expertise: Industry 4.0 Technologies, IoT, ML, AI, Simulation, Autonomous Systems, Robotics, Cloud, HW, Edge, Program Management, Business Development and Technical Leadership

David Bradford

David Bradford has 40 years of experience in the computer industry. He has previously served as CEO and Chairman of 2 remarkable companies – Fusion-io and HireVue. Fusion-io eventually achieved a $3.6 Billion valuation. At HireVue, he increased sales by over 200%, the Company raised over $ 47 Million in capital, and was twice recognized as the HR product of the Year. With 30,000 connections on LinkedIn and 5000 on Facebook, David is known as the “Human Internet”. In 2014, he authored the highly popular book- “Up Your Game- 6 Timeless Principles for Networking Your Way to the Top” and launched, a highly successful Web-based company that matches Entrepreneurs with Angel Investors.Mr. Bradford has significant experience in the Venture Capital markets. He is an advisor to several organizations and funds. He was on the original Advisory Board of Omniture (now part of Adobe) and as the Chairman on the board of the Audit Committee for Pervasive Software, (now part of Actian).Mr. Bradford has a Law Degree from Brigham Young University, a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, and a B.A. in Political Science from Brigham Young University Today, David Bradford is the CEO of FluentWorlds which is revolutionizing Language training in 3D VirtualWorlds.Industry Specialization: Computer Software, Venture Capitalism, Law, Government Relations, Business Development Security, FinanceFunctional Expertise: Talent Acquisition, Venture Capital Funding, Private Equity, Digital Interviewing, Networking
David Bradford

Pratip Raychaudhuri


Pratip is an experienced professional with IBM’s Analytics/ Informatics and has strong experience in architecting and implementing enterprise-wide master data management Solutions in various industries bringing business management, technology, and leadership competencies together. Pratip specializes in defining and spearheading complex data management implementation/strategy initiatives that are critical to the business. He is a seasoned Solution Architect possessing many years of architecture strategy and IT strategy experience across a wide range of organizations.

An accomplished Consulting Executive, Pratip has delivered innovative business and technology solutions that have enabled leading organizations to exceed targeted financial and operational objectives. During his career, he has developed mission-critical data migration /master data management strategies by analyzing the distribution of data across systems. Pratip brings with him business management, technology, and leadership competencies that enable him to effectively manage complex project structures and deliver multicultural global projects. He has provided thought leadership to business owners,resulting in significantly reduced developmental cost and complexity of building applications.

Industry Specialization: Strategy Consulting, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Insurance

Functional Expertise: Complex Program Management, Lean Process Improvement, Organization transformation, Modernization of Technology Platforms, Master Data Management, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Quality, DataOps

Shilpa Singh

Advisory – Design

Shilpa started her journey into UX Design & Strategy 15 + years ago. She has built & led User Experience competencies and worked with Organization to identify unmet user needs, build personas & customer journey maps, service design and help them inform there UX/Product/Customer /Innovation Strategies. She also drives usability studies to evaluate existing Product/Service thus helping business to transform & adopt to changing User needs. Shilpa has Master in Degree from IIT Bombay. She is also certified Design Thinker from MIT.

Suranjan Pramanik

Suranjan is an accomplished catalyst for change with demonstrated expertise in stimulating profitable growth. He creates value by advocating new business models, revitalizing strategic customer relationships, and deploying transformational technologies like AI, Cloud Computing, IoT for business growth and market differentiation. He has kickstarted successful new product organizations like RFID enabled supply chains and Value focused As a Service business model, transformed underperforming businesses, advised and partnered with customer executives to enable business objectives, and instituted customer-focused sales and operations organizations. Suranjan has delivered value for clients in various industries like Chemicals, Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, Mining and Metals, Software Products and Transportation Services across Digital Transformation, Engineering, Finance, HR, Procurement, IT & Infrastructure Services, Supply Chain, and Customer Experience Management.

Tony Jackson


Tony Jackson is a well experienced administrator and reputed leader with a demonstrated history of working in the Hospital & Healthcare industry. He has the unique ability & versatile skills in Business Development, Operational Management and Physician Relation Handling. He has been involved in Leadership Development and Healthcare Management also.

Industry Specialization: Healthcare & Hospital

Functional Expertise: Operational Management, Leadership Development, Healthcare Management, Business Development and Physician Relationship

Vinay Gidwani


Vinay is an accomplished strategy and business development professional with experience in the communications and software industries. He is a strategic thinker with success in developing new monetization, business and operating models as well as experience with identifying new organic and inorganic growth opportunities. He has a strong ability to both formulate strategy and drive execution in large, global, matrixed organizations.

Industry Specialization: He has expertise in Enterprise Software, Cloud, SaaS, IoT, Analytics, and Data Science.

Functional Expertise: Mr Gidwani has a BS from the University of Bombay, a MS from Mississippi State University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.


Vivek Saha

Global Strategic Advisor

Vivek has 27 years practitioner experience across Industry Transformation & Consulting, SI-Consulting & Digital Intelligence (Advanced Analytics/AI) for Large Manufacturing /Automotive, Comms-Telco, Retail , Energy & Banking/Insurance BFSI clients

He has been Strategic Advisor for large enterprises & start-ups to lead Enterprise Innovation with Startup Immersion & inter-connecting ecosystem . He applied role spans at the intersection of domain, end-user, outside-in innovation & emerging digital technologies ingrained with prescriptive artificial intelligence to generate meaningful outcomes across industry value-chain.

Till recently, Vivek has been working as interim CEO & MD for Indian arm of Amplo Global Inc (US) – strategic product company focusing on sustainability & supply chain landscape. He has recently moved to a new role with Amplo Global brand as a global advisor.


William Haines


Bill has spent 35 years designing, building, deploying, and managing technology for a variety of industries, including process manufacturing, office machine sales and distribution, retail, discrete manufacturing, and more. For the last 10 years, Bill was the Supply Chain CIO for a vertically integrated global retail brand. Bill has a particular passion for Industry 4.0 technologies and its benefits for global manufacturers.

Industry Specialization: Discrete Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Marketing

Functional Expertise: Industry 4.0 Technologies: Process Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Data & Analytics, IoT, IT/OT Integration; MRP, Integrated Planning, and Diamond Cutting & Polishing

William Hanes

Green IT and Data

We can easily claim that our Green procurement programs can reduce expenditure and waste; increase resource efficiency; and influence production, markets, prices, available services and organisational behaviour. Also known as green or environmental
purchasing, green procurement compares price, technology, quality and the environmental impact of the product, service or contract.

Green is In

Green sourcing can also assist organisations in meeting multi-lateral requirements and guidelines which International Standards Organisation and other bodies have established. After reviewing current purchasing practices and policies of an organization along with life cycle assessment of the environmental impacts, the outcome is a regularly reviewed. Our “Green” services utilise fewer resources, are designed to last longer and minimise their impact on the environment from cradle to grave.

Green Infra

Investing in green infrastructure comes armed with many social, economic and environmental benefits, for water storage, purification and flood prevention, cooling urban heat islands, improved health, well-being and access to nature for people, as well as space and habitat for wildlife. Our strategies can incorporate both the natural environment and engineered systems to provide clean water, conserve ecosystem values and functions, and provide a wide array of benefits to people and wildlife.

Go green with our envious solutions

Our green infrastructure solutions can be applied on different scales, from the building level, to the broader landscape level. On the local level, green infrastructure practices include rain gardens, permeable pavements, green roofs, infiltration planters, trees and rainwater harvesting systems. On a larger scale, it impacts the preservation and restoration of natural landscapes like forests, floodplains and wetlands. Our Green infrastructure strategies will boost a company’s economy, enhance community health and safety, and provide recreation, wildlife, and other benefits.

Green Sourcing

As all companies are notching up their climate commitment game, their ambitions to source materials are also soaring! Be it green steel, recycled aluminum, or recycled plastic—that have lower emissions intensity than their conventional equivalents, production capacity for many pf these low-emissions materials, appears to fall far short of future demand.

Our strategies hence suggest that for supply chain decarbonization, companies should first understand both the emissions generated during the manufacturing of all the components and materials they now procure and their exposures to supply, demand, and price volatility for these inputs. We believe that charting a sourcing strategy to cut emissions spans over multiple time frames.

Green Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Integrating sustainable environmental processes into the traditional supply chain, like supplier selection and purchasing material, product design, product manufacturing and assembling, distribution and end-of-life management, our green supply chain involves value creation through the operations of whole chain. Though reducing air, water and waste pollution is the main goal, but it also enhances
the firms’ performance in terms of less waste manufacturing, reuse and recycling of products, reduction in manufacturing costs, greater efficiency of assets, positive image building, and greater customer satisfaction.

As you demand, so we supply

By implementing Green supply chain, the applications of the key sustainable development strategy outstand. Our module emphasizes how green practices can be adopted in firms to mitigate the environmental degradations and increase the economic and operational performance. We help our clients incorporate Green practices in supply chain management like:

Green material sourcing
Green marketing
Green management
Green distribution and warehousing
Green manufacturing
Ecological design
Green transportation and reverse logistics
Renewable energy and biofuels Introducing green thought to hone your supply chains can help you save the environment and create a healthier bottom line. It is not just the ethical thing to do but also financially rewarding for the business.


With the prioritization of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and the intense focus on climate change, Benchmarking has become a must to establish baselines, define industry best practices, identify risks and opportunities, and create a competitive environment within an organization. Our process can yield valuable data that helps companies evaluate and prioritize improvement opportunities, as well as, support lifecycle assessments and disclosure requirements.

Our competitive benchmarking can help determine whether or not the sustainability strategies are effective, provide recommendations for closing potential gaps, and assess the business value to be gained by addressing those gaps. Our process also provides a guidepost, so stakeholders, investors, customers, and industry peers have access to meaningful, standardized industry comparisons.

Materiality and Maturity Assessment

Our materiality and maturity assessment is best used as a strategic business tool that can benefit if applied as a sustainability lens to business risk, opportunity, trend-spotting and enterprise risk management processes. Rather than creating a separate one, our inclusive materiality process, can deliver valuable benefits, such as:

  • Ensuring business strategy takes account of significant social and environmental topics
  • Management of sustainability issues is embedded in wider business processes
  • Identifying trends on the horizon, such as water scarcity or changing weather patterns that could significantly impact a company’s value
  • Enabling different functions of the business to develop new products or services and stay ahead of competitors
  • Highlighting areas that are important but not currently addressed