Amplo Global Inc. Announces Corporate Membership with NJ Technology Council

N.J., Aug 01, 2019 – Amplo Global Inc., an AI-driven strategy and operations benchmarking company that measures organizational performance and assesses readiness of Industry 4.0 capabilities through its cloud-based platform AmploFly4.0, announced that they have joined NJ Tech Council ( NJ Tech Council is a nonprofit membership organization for technology companies and tech related professionals, providers, and advisors, that supports the tech, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the state and region. Amplo Global’s vision is to help its customers minimize costs and shift funds to innovation, creating opportunities for organizations to invest in new business and revenue models. The platform scores and automates business capabilities, benchmarks processes at various levels of business, optimizes operations performance, and supports the development of related outcome based key performance indicators to measure growth and spend towards connected products, operations, data and experiences.

Founded in 1996, the NJ Tech Council is a private, nonprofit membership organization, which supports the tech, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the state and region. It is amongst the largest and most respected trade organizations of its kind nationwide.

The Tech Council boasts some of the most dynamic conferences in the region including the Innovation Forecast and Venture Conference which attract hundreds of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors with great ideas and capital to invest. These events are fabulous connectors and grow every year with new faces, innovations and technology. Their conferences assemble the region’s best and brightest high-tech and life science executives for insightful discussions, engaging speakers and practical advice for managing growing enterprises.

“As an AI-led strategy and operations product and services organization delivering a cognitive cloud platform , we are excited to partner with the NJ Tech Council to help clients across the industrial, health-sciences and distribution sectors on their Industry 4.0 journey and beyond,” said Anirban Bhattacharyya, Board, Amplo Global Inc. “As a member of NJ Tech Council, we are looking forward to leveraging the excellent platform the council offers for networking, advocacy, thought leadership and innovation to serve our customers and the NJ Tech community better,” he added.

Modular in its approach and firmly grounded in analytics, AI, and machine learning concepts, AmploFly4.0 provides organizations a value-based health check of their business capabilities and key underlying operational processes. Amplo Global’s client engagements consist of contextualizing the organization’s unique challenges, offering descriptive, predictive and prescriptive insights, benchmarking with best-in-class industry KPIs, and delivering a full roadmap of actions to undertake in both the near term and the years to come. Leveraging the Amplofly4.0 platform’s 5 modules and seven key strategic outputs, Amplo Global brings a unique blend of data-led, engineering-led and design-led methodology where the customer experience takes the center stage. This connected experience leads to a ripple effect, with various personas in the eco-system adopting the Industry 4.0 change. Digital re-invention is at the heart of Amplo Global Inc.

“We are excited to have Amplo Global Inc. join the NJ Tech Council. We believe that with their unique product, offerings and their perspective around Industry 4.0, they will add a lot of value to our member ecosystem and to the NJ Tech Council”, said Dan Sullivan, NJ Tech Council. “We wish them all the best and welcome them to the NJ Tech Council”, he added.

About NJ Tech Council

The New Jersey Tech Council provides business development, education, networking and recognition opportunities as well as advocacy for the state and the region’s technology businesses. By collectively representing tech, life science and tech-related companies and organizations as well as the professional firms that support them, the Tech Council has the unique ability to: offer opportunities to learn, network and grow; recognize and promote member companies and their leadership; nurture the tech and STEM talent pipeline that is critical to growth; provide access to financing sources and additional resources; and advocate for public policy that strengthens our ecosystem.

About Amplo Global Inc.

Amplo Global Inc. is an AI led strategy and operations organization based out of Piscataway, NJ that drives both product and services solutions in North America and around the globe. Incubated in a garage in Edison, New Jersey, Amplo Global is now out in the market, creating productized strategy delivery models for organizations that embrace the Industry 4.0 revolution. Amplo Global is redefining the space of digital transformation by measuring organizational health and readiness for digitization, automation, and workforce re-skilling with product AmploFly4.0, complemented by Industry 4.0 focused service offerings.


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