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Why Amplo?

  • Through its cloud-based platform, Amplofly.40, we have productized strategy to allow your company to organically reach its own unique 4.0 efficiencies. So build a career in strategy which is data and issue driven.
  • Built on Artificial Intelligence analytics and insights, Amplofly4.0 helps measure, connect and refine all strategic programs of your organization. So build your career in AI.
  • Amplofly4.0 empowers all of your key decision makers and stakeholders, ensuring collaborative results. So build your career in Analytics.
  • Amplofly4.0 seamlessly coordinates with your existing applications and systems. So build a career in data model, enterprise architecture, and overall product development.
  • Implement Amplofly4.0 in various organizations. So build your career in professional services.
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