Optimize your channels as profit centers with us!

Channel Management is key to an organization’s growth. Efficient and effective management drives performance that is aligned with company objectives, leading to improved business performance and increased scale of company growth. An effective channel strategy provides insights on how to achieve success with partners in a competitive context and enhance benefits to end consumers. 

Streamline communication between businesses and customers,  and shift from transactional, price-focused relationships to an emphasis on collaboration and value. Understanding consumer demands and behavior can help you ace your channel game!

Our proprietary, self-directed strategy-in-a-box solutions offer a single platform that accepts outside-in data as well as systems data from all participating collaborators in the ecosystem and outperforms human comprehension. Our customized solutions apply to all channels – both direct and indirect, and business models – B2B, B2C, and others.

Utilizing digital twinning, Amplo Global can help organizations simulate their new product introduction strategy, optimizing resource utilization and staff training and readiness. Our channel management solutions are customizable. Therefore they are applicable to high-profitability, low-volume products, distributed through direct channels as well as low-profitability, high-volume products distributed through indirect channels. Our data and design-led approach is also well-suited to determining optimal pricing and identifying opportunities for servitization. No matter the scale or tiers of the channel, our solutions can adapt and apply to any part of the product life cycle and amplify the success of our customers’ organizations.


Customizable, scalable, and horizontally applicable solutions that can be implemented across industries, channels.

Here are some ways in which AmploFly4.0TM delivers value through improved Customer Channel Management:

Industry Benchmarking: Track your place in the market to maximize market share, investigate and combat business leakage to competitors. Acquire new market share using empathy-based customer personas

Data Visualization: Identify the optimal channel strategy through visualization, deep analytics, dashboards, and heatmaps that capture both qualitative and quantitative aspects of your customer journey and address pain points.

Performance Measurement: Continuous analysis through real-time data integration with systems, along with a clear feedback loop for performance measurement by channel, partner, and customer segment, etc., helps you minimize and mitigate risks.

New Product Introduction: Utilize digital twinning of inventory, shop floor, and engineering processes, platforms, people, and machine readiness to simulate and evaluate new product introduction strategies.

Pricing: Integrate disparate datasets across spreadsheets and systems, to study customer segments and price according to data overlapping people, processes, machines highlight both opportunities and challenges

Operational Efficiency: Streamline business workflows to improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness—robust product entitlement layer to control the visibility of product data based on business rules and partner profiles. 

Servitization: Maximize revenue by monetizing on after-market offerings and “outcome as a service” to promote sales of supplemental products and services.

Scalability: Scalable strategy solutions that can accommodate a complex product ecosystem with a large number of products, customer segments, and channels across multiple geographical regions and adapt as your company changes and grows

 An organization’s channel management strategy is the key to making revenue in the face of growing stagnation and changing market dynamics. An in-flux ecosystem with industry convergence, innovative competitors and informed customers poses a strategic challenge. Utilize core business values to evaluate and address short-term and long-term impact areas to create a cohesive ecosystem across channels and partners