Data Strategy

Know your position in the ecosystem and the data economy space; monetize your data internally and externally to create new revenue models; be on the tally as a profit center while being a cost center

The fourth industrial revolution has brought on an era where data is the new currency. Data is available in massive amounts and in different forms. However, sorting and processing this data to generate actionable insights is contingent on advanced analytics. Equipped with advanced analytics, these data need to be incorporated into strategic decisions to deliver monetary gains.

Typically, a data strategy requires a supporting data management program – a plan for maintaining and improving the quality of data, data integrity, access, and security while mitigating known and implied risks. The strategy must also address known challenges related to Data Management.

The maturity of a company’s Data Management program determines the ease with which new business ideas or models can be implemented. Entirely new business models can be created through a well-managed data strategy. It adds considerable value to products and services and enhances the customer experience.

The right data strategy unifies business and IT perspectives to create an enterprise-wide alignment of vision and guidance on leveraging data as an asset.

Our flagship product – AmploFly4.0™ offers a single platform that accepts outside-in data as well as systems data from all stakeholders and collaborators in the ecosystem, outperforming human comprehension.

It comprises 5 modules and offers data-enabled visibility, competitive awareness, and measurable control. AI/ML algorithms are invoked for industry benchmarking, causal studies, pain point recommendations, and mockups for digital twinning. It fosters an ecosystem of connected products, operations, data, and an experience focused on artificial intelligence, enabling a cognitive value chain.

Amplo Global offers AmploFly4.0 Data Triangle to steer you in the direction of what, when, where, why and how to leverage data as a currency

Here are some things AmploFly4.0 can do to transform and optimize an organization’s data strategy:

  • Optimize data analytics, modeling, visualization, transformation, and enrichment by enhancing data extraction, standardization, storage, and access across verticals and products.
  • Develop data strategy in line with industry standards, across verticals encompassing individual business requirements, bringing uniform, cross-cutting standardization to make data an organizational asset.
  • Assess and define Amplo’s data strategy aligned with business goals and priorities.
  • Communicate insights from data, including reporting and data visualization.
  • Drive data infrastructure toward maturity by facilitating organizational efficiency and creating strategic opportunities using data.

Our product prioritizes the business goals while developing a data strategy. It enables the management of people, processes, policies, and culture around data, through data governance. AmploFly4.0 utilizes various data management practices that help leverage data for strategic advantage by coordinating and integrating disparate data sources. This results in a strategy tailored to the organization’s priorities and optimized to leverage data as an asset.