Value Stream Mapping - Intersection of non- value adding steps removal with design thinking and capability modelling

With complex business modules and multiple business processes running simultaneously organisations often face problems in their business model or strategy and design implementation. The solution to the problem lies in two different approaches, one where the customer knows where the problem lies and what to benchmark and eliminate. The second where the organisation doesn’t know what to model or where the problem lies. This is where Value Stream Mapping (VSM) comes into play. Value stream mapping (VSM) provides us with a structured visualization of the key steps and corresponding data needed to understand and intelligently make improvements that optimize the entire process, not just one section at the expense of another.

Design thinking on the other hand plays a role in creating a structure during chaos. Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that organisations use to understand end users, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test. It is most useful to tackle problems that are ill-defined or unknown. Amplo Global’s Design Thinking solution helps clients create value through a delightful network of experiences. Similarly our value stream mapping also plays a major role in identifying what you don’t know and creating a comprehensive view and understanding the value of the entire process as well as specific segments.

At Amplo Global we deliver our value stream mapping in six phases, that incorporate our five product deliverables at different stages.

We begin by setting up the program for efficiency, gather data that truly impact the performance of the organisation, focus on the leading practices that ensure the program is building an organisation to succeed in the future. Next, we identify the value and align the stakeholders around opportunities and risks, followed by pilot testing and building support and momentum for the change. Lastly, we measure and prove value and relate the program to savings and better productivity.

A single organisation may have several different value streams. Therefore the VSM program we offer, map high level value chains and rely on data mining. The initial data sets are prepared for analysis to divide into customer segments, identify opportunities, gap analysis, impact analysis, and articulate future concept of operations.

The final stages of the VSM loop enables cross- functional stakeholder engagement and develop metrics and success criteria, for frequent measurement of operations. The VSM enables the team and leadership to see where the actual value is being added in the process, allowing them to improve on the overall efficiency associated with the delivery of AmploFly 4.0.

With so much information packed into a value stream map, it’s no surprise that there are terms and features that may need some explanation, but our tools and accelerators are simple yet comprehensive enough to understand. Capability assessment, Data Analytics, benchmarking database, value realisation and, execution and planning tools make the value stream mapping process smooth and effective. Post the VSM process we undertake design thinking and capability modelling processes to create the changed business model.

For any organisation trying to change their business models based on the best practices of Industry 4.0 this intersection of non- value adding steps removal with design thinking and capability modelling is highly important and necessary.