FinTech and Private Equity

Enabling persona-led customer portfolio via design thinking; creating data-brokerage model; monetizing the data economy; managing risk

The Financial Industry has been one of the fastest-growing adopters of Industry 4.0 technologies that have made financial transactions more accessible to people, through the 10B mobile devices, all over the world, irreversibly altering the global economy. The effects of Industry 4.0 on Finance/FinTech span the range of financial services including banking, forex trading, insurance, mortgage, and many more. The influence of AI in the FinTech sector has been so profound that today, 70% of all stock decisions are made by computers. The Private Equity market has also experienced tremendous growth through investments in AI and ML-based companies.

Despite the speedy adoption of Industry 4.0 practices by a large number of people and organizations, there is still room for more. Technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain have the potential to revolutionize the market. To stay ahead of the competition, organizations have to form their medium-long term vision through strategic insights within the context of their current culture and technological history.

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