Industrial Manufacturing

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Industry 4.0 technologies like IoT, cloud computing, and Big Data are transforming the overall landscape of the manufacturing industry. This digital transformation allows for the integration of previously disparate systems and processes through interconnected computer systems across the value and supply chain. This integration creates significant potential for increased efficiency and ultimately profit through real-time visibility and control over the inventory. IoT can significantly improve operations, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide valuable real-time visibility across the supply chain.

In order to implement these revolutionary technologies and paradigms, organizations need to measure, assess, and consequently act on the company’s overall readiness for Industry 4.0. Effective implementation of Industry 4.0 principles requires advanced coordination and dissolution of data silos through greater visibility across different parts of the organization. Greater clarity and transparency between internal teams allows for the strategic use of large data sets to optimize the supply chain, understand the customer, and deliver.

Amplo Global’s flagship product offers productized strategy and services to gear up industrial operations

Industrial Use Case

Operational Efficiency: A mid-market automotive supplier recognized its lack of supply chain resilience was generating additional challenges


The company was seeking a robust supply chain control tower model that could accurately predict future supplier relationships and event driven-inventory movements. Incorrect inventory positioning had resulted in 5 of the company’s 17 tier 2 suppliers being blacklisted. They also looked to incorporate live feeds from Wall Street into a dashboard.

Contributing Factors

Supplier relationship challenges were resulting in an untenable accounts payable dilemma.


The company’s supply chain was dysfunctional. It severely lacked both backward and forward visibility.

Modularized Solution from Amplo Global Inc.

Utilizing the AmploFly4.0™ cloud-based platform, quick identification of the cash flows, inventory positioning and capability needed to enable the establishment of the desired control tower was achieved. Also, the live dashboard they sought was able to be established, resulting in greater marketplace awareness and accelerated responsiveness. 

Additional Benefits

The organization make more mature with data and hence started predictive analysis as a new normal.