Sweat your existing IT assets; reduce cost of ownership; drive rationalization of applications; create a center of excellence; drive analytics-driven mindset;

One of the main components of Industry 4.0 is the modernization of technology infrastructure across the industry. However, large amounts of resources are needed for an IT overhaul with no guarantee that the new system will perform flawlessly. Given the rapidly changing environment, organizations often find it hard to resist the temptation to make huge investments in large-scale redesigns that change everything. This makes it difficult to tell what worked, what didn’t, and they miss the opportunity to learn about their organization’s strengths and weaknesses. 

When it comes to IT strategy, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. For a successful technological transformation, every company needs a customized strategy that factors in existing tools and capabilities while planning for the future. This is essential for CTO’s everywhere to make technology-related recommendations that further empower their organization in reaching its goals.

To arrive at the right IT strategy, organizations must begin by performing a structured system and process assessment and account for unseen cost leakages and lack of balanced CAPEX to OPEX. However, inadequate knowledge share and lack of integration is the biggest obstacle in the way of obtaining relevant information on sourcing, infrastructure, digitization, cost management for setting up performance parameters, which is critical to a successful and comprehensive IT strategy.

Our flagship product – AmploFly4.0™ offers a single platform that accepts outside-in data as well as systems data from all stakeholders and collaborators in the ecosystem, outperforming human comprehension. It is an upstream product that enables strategy formulation even for companies without proper internal data visibility and strategy.

It comprises 5 modules and offers data-enabled visibility, competitive awareness, and measurable control. AI/ML algorithms are invoked for industry benchmarking, causal studies, pain point recommendations, and mockups for digital twinning. It fosters an ecosystem of connected products, operations, data, and an experience focused on artificial intelligence, enabling a cognitive value chain.

Amplo Global offers technical debt analysis and data-led IT strategy modeling on AmploFly4.0™ platform, enabling data lakes, data models and applications to consolidate creating a total cost of ownership at its optimal value

Here are some ways in which AmploFly4.0 can help organizations arrive at their optimal IT and technical debt management strategy.
  • Analyze IT strategy using proprietary Ampmarking, Capability Modelling, Performance Measuring, Design Thinking, and Roadmapping Process.
  •  Enable AI-driven automation and sourcing strategy to efficiently provision technology resources, cut operational costs, and optimize overall utilization.
  • Prescribe the appropriate sourcing and infrastructure model to drive cost gain by using the IT Strategy Function Matrix.
  • Conduct predictive analysis through modeling and simulation to make reliable predictions and anticipate future challenges.
  • Use prescriptive analysis to incorporate new technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Automation while ensuring strategic alignment with business goals.

AmploFly4.0 enables the construction of the optimal IT strategy by assessing business needs through a thorough analysis of operations and processes. It leverages AI and data analytics to generate insights on the organization’s present capabilities and prescribes a roadmap toward the desired future while ensuring preparedness for unforeseen challenges.