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Amplo Global Accepted Into Prestigious Microsoft for Startups Program

Amplo Global Inc. is proud to be part of the Microsoft for Startups program with access to the best-in-class Microsoft and Azure solutions.

PISCATAWAY, N.J.July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Amplo Global Inc, offering an AI-driven strategy platform, announced today it has been accepted into the prestigious Microsoft for Startups program. Launched in Summer 2019 in the Microsoft environment, their proprietary cloud-based AmploFly4.0 platform is already helping an array of diverse organizations build the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and design-led strategy necessary to effectively identify, address and achieve their new normal.

By managing the AmploFly4.0 application servers and infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, Amplo Global assures a high level of resilience, scale, and agility to its customers. Participation in the Microsoft for Startup program will enable Amplo Global to now take advantage of all the key benefits and value that come with acceptance. In addition to Azure credits, those benefits include greater access to the powerful Microsoft Developer tools as well as exclusive wide-range programming support that help scale sales, marketing, business, and technological innovation faster and smarter. 

Acceptance into the prestigious Microsoft for Startup program required Amplo Global to complete a rigorous interview and application process that confirmed that they exceeded the program’s stringent guidelines. In addition to achieving revenue requirements, AmploFly4.0 was recognized for offering an innovative technical solution that supports businesses in their digital transformation. 

Anirban Bhattacharyya, Amplo Global Co-Founder CEO, was quick to share the company’s enthusiasm about this exciting development and what it will mean to the company and most importantly, its clients. “Being accepted into the esteemed Microsoft for Startups program is tremendous validation, especially for the early adopters of our game-changing AmploFly4.0 platform. Having direct access to already proven tools and resources as well the power of Azure and their Visual Studio will ensure that we truly are rolling out ‘best-in-class’ solutions.” He also noted that “AmploFly4.0 is already working towards participation on the Azure Marketplace and acceptance into the Microsoft Co-Sell program. Those developments would enable us to bring our productized strategy platform to more organizations more quickly as a result,” Bhattacharyya added.

About Amplo Global Inc.

Amplo Global Inc is an AI-driven company committed to empowering an organization to take control of its future in today’s ever-changing digital world. Their proprietary, cloud-based, data-led, and design-led platform enables a business to self-direct its strategy in a quantifiable manner, improve interconnectivity, achieve greater information transparency, reimagine its value chain, refine its customer/supplier relationships and recharge its company culture. Amplo Global Inc, founded in 2018, is headquartered in New Jersey, but has associates and partners throughout the globe, including EuropeIndia and Singapore.