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The Fourth Industrial Revolution will arguably become the most disruptive and transformative shift in history, and it’s happening at a rapid pace. One of the biggest areas of transformation will happen within the social sector. Non-profits, NGOs, and educational institutions have a tremendous opportunity to leverage new technologies to scale up their impact and ultimately achieve their critical missions. Advances in artificial intelligence and deep learning are helping make sense of this massive amount of data for delivering actionable insights to businesses and organizations alike.

Industry 4.0 offers huge opportunities to transform such organizations. In organizations that are often under-funded, resource optimization is key. Adoption of new technologies requires detailed planning for change-management across not only the digital architecture but also company culture. The compassionate vision of Non-profits combined with Industry 4.0 efficiencies has the potential to change millions of lives.

Amplo Global offers cost models for running corporate social responsibility programs for Non-profit organizations, enabling integration with non-profit ecosystems, leveraging its flagship product AmploFly4.0™.

Non-Profit Use Case

Customer Experience

A large non-profit organization was committed to improving their company culture and internal processes to deliver an improved client experience


Both the Associate CFO and Operational Director of the organization recognized the need for change management, particularly regarding the inefficiencies in the event management processes. The organization suffered from a resistance to new technology and a culture built on disparate processes. The result was less than optimal client experience, accentuated by an unacceptable ROI on technology advancements. Most work was still being done manually, despite serious corporate investment in what was to be company-wide technology.

Contributing Factors

The technologies that were available to the employees were not holistic, user-friendly or data driven. Employees in event management had settled on working independently, using their own array of software products and technologies, leading to inefficiency and a dearth of connected processes. Users were manually forced to follow up, escalating issues and doubling the workload. That minimized accurate data-driven decisions and contributed to repetitive errors.


Top-down decision making and employee resistance to company-wide technologies and process updates were contributing to increased frustration at all levels and an inferior delivery of their services.

Modularized Solution from Amplo Global Inc.

Engaging in the AmploFly4.0 journey empowered the organization to better strategize technology changes, streamline processes and recharge its culture.  increased efficiency and improved productivity resulted from the framework AmploFly4.0 helped to establish for operationalizing existing technology, automating repetitive tasks, creating BOTs and measuring and tracking KPIs for employees. Those results supported their intention to apply AmploFly 4.0 initiatives to other challenges they currently face and will in the future.

Additional Benefits

Improved data collection from both vendors and ongoing processes fueled more informed strategic decisions. Connected technology and the implementation of a dashboard enhanced overall process visibility and the return on experience of users.