Industry 4.0 for CPG

CPG Use Case - Strategic Sourcing

An iconic manufacturer was faced with the challenge of launching a new product


A mid-market motorcycle manufacturer wanted to launch a new model in 2022 and recognized the need to twin their inventory, shop floor and engineering processes, platforms, people and machine readiness

Contributing Factors

The company needed to determine if a new product launch should be conducted utilizing its existing set of partners or would they be better served reimagining their supply chain. They recognized that their decision would be impacted by contracts already in place with existing suppliers.


The VP of Design and Engineering had yet to find the outside direction needed    to effectively twin the processes he believed a new launch warranted.

Modularized Solution from Amplo Global Inc.

With AmploFly4.0, they were able to simulate the new product introduction strategy. During that process, they confirmed that almost 60% of their current resources could be leveraged. They were also empowered to better strategize how to effectively address what was now the remaining 40% gap within their supply chain.  

Additional Benefits

The framework that AmploFly 4.0 provided allowed for additional simulation capabilities. Those capabilities enabled them to create revisions of their new product as well as address design changes related to their existing products.