Supply Chain Management

Drive a resilient supply chain in the most difficult era of the 21st century so far; enable connected supply chain and distribution modeling; enable design thinking led supply chain collaboration between organizations (suppliers, distributors, and customers)

Industry experts and market analysts have been observing a dramatic shift away from traditional sequential strategy hierarchies.   Supply chains and the process of supply chain management are no longer a linear set of activities starting from vision to execution. With the advent of Industry 4.0 technologies, widespread data availability, and increasingly sophisticated data analytics, what used to be a linear process has since become an interconnected, iterative, and cyclical network of practices.

This industrial shift combined with the many uncertainties brought on by the year 2020 (the pandemic) has made it clear that in order to survive and thrive in this new reality, organizations have to reimagine their supply chains. There’s an acute/immediate need for not just process improvement but also built-in preparedness for the future.

Our flagship product – AmploFly4.0TM offers a single platform that accepts outside-in data as well as systems data from all stakeholders and collaborators in the ecosystem, outperforming human comprehension.

It comprises 5 modules and offers data-enabled visibility, competitive awareness, and measurable control. AI/ML algorithms are invoked for industry benchmarking, causal studies, pain point recommendations, and mockups for digital twinning. It fosters an ecosystem of connected products, operations, data, and an experience focused on artificial intelligence, enabling a cognitive and transparent value chain.

Amplo Global offers many business modeling frameworks to define your problems well to deliver robust supply chain 4.0

Here are some ways in which AmploFly4.0TM delivers value through improved Supply Chain Management:

  • Evaluate capabilities compared to the industry and highlight areas of improvement through process decomposition to identify specific stakeholder needs.
  • Establish and monitor KPIs to channel precious resources toward specific pain points, minimizing unnecessary expenditure.
  • Dissolve internal silos by facilitating the flow of data across the company to improve collaboration & communication.
  • Utilize real-time data and AI to identify potential disruptions and ensure process continuity.
  • Solve business problems using Design Thinking to deliver innovative project implementation and product delivery.

Our product breaks down supply chain management into its core components: Change Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Agile Program Management, and Earned Value Management. AmploFly 4.0 can be leveraged to analyze and strategize the capability of the organization and eliminate inefficiencies through the use of data and Design Thinking to generate useful and actionable insights.