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Net Zero

Transitioning to net zero involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions by adopting cleaner and more sustainable technologies. This includes shifting away from fossil fuel-based energy systems… Read More »Net Zero



Glocalization: Preserving Culture Amid Globalization In the era of glocalization, cultural preservation is paramount. Discover how communities adapt to protect their heritage while embracing the… Read More »Glocalization

Sustainable Goals

Football with Sustainability

It’s time for a bicycle kick folks! FIFA is all set to give back to nature what truly belongs to it. Bending the ball strategically where it’s going to score for sustainability.


Change is the only constant in Supply Chain Management (SCM)

A prime example of rapid and relentless evolution is supply chain management (SCM). New technologies and innovations have significantly boosted its capabilities, and SCM is now able to deliver a lot more than what was thought possible a few years back. Here is a look at some of the exciting new developments in the world of SCM.

Industry, Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Transforming Supply Chain Trends

This digital revolution and its groundbreaking effects on production and manufacturing have transformed supply chains across businesses and industries. Industry 4.0 has not only transformed the structure of supply chains, but it has also changed the way we view supply chains. Industry experts and market analysts have been observing a dramatic shift away from traditional sequential strategy hierarchies.