Design Thinking Innovating to Create Value in the Industry 4.0 Era From the Office of the CEOOct 22, 2019 Industry 4.0 re-imagines the automation of third-generation digital systems to create additional value. While automation remains central to enterprises, today the focus is on the interconnectedness between physical systems and digital assets, improving customer experiences as a driver […]

Why Capability Modeling is Key to Industry 4.0 Success From the Office of the CEOJune 15, 2019 Assessing the shift Admittedly, the move from the Third Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0 will not be easy. While enterprises are eager to adopt advanced digital technologies (Industrial IoT, predictive analytics, AI/ML, immersive tech, and the like), a […]

From the Office of the CEOMarch 22, 2020 #COVID-19 enforces urgency to transform business thinking across value chain; no more business as usual. A tiny invisible microbe called the novel Corona, is forcing a change in the world order, affecting global economics, political and most importantly human behavioral patterns. Ambiguity is all pervasive. And this, […]

Is Your Organization Thinking About Design Thinking? From the Office of the CEOSeptember 1, 2020 Recognizing the importance of change and innovation has been a cornerstone of my professional career. At a time when an international pandemic has forced virtually all organizations to realize that the way we did things yesterday will have little bearing on […]

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