Design Thinking Strategy

Enable adaptation and adoption from your desk anywhere in the world; create design rooms with AI-led design thinking application; manage innovation to delivery via DVF analysis

The fourth industrial revolution is in motion, and it is changing the way all organizations approach their future. Linear thinking is being challenged today. A nonlinear approach to performance excellence will soon become the norm. Design-led, data-led strategy and transformation are becoming imperative to future success.

Design Thinking focuses on design, data, and engineering-led strategy as well as human-centered problem-solving. Applying Design Thinking principles to strategy can drastically improve innovation and facilitate change management and transformation. It enables traceability, continuous learning, and strategic course correction if it is version-controlled, and it encourages a dynamically controlled network of influence and experience.

Design Thinking is fueled by creativity and empathy, resulting in varied perspectives and approaches to any strategic problem. It necessitates cross-collaboration. However, it is critical to gather the right stakeholders and ensure their participation in every facet of the challenge at hand. Diverse voices ultimately yield better, more implementable solutions.

Our flagship product – AmploFly4.0DT, offers a single platform that accepts outside-in data as well as systems data from all participating collaborators in the ecosystem, outperforming human comprehension.

It comprises 5 modules and offers data-enabled visibility, competitive awareness, and measurable control. AI/ML algorithms are invoked for industry benchmarking, causal studies, pain point recommendations, and mockups for digital twinning. It fosters an ecosystem of connected products, operations, data, and an experience focused on artificial intelligence, enabling a cognitive value chain.

Amplo Global offers AI led cloud-based platform named AmploFly4.0DT dedicated to driving design thinking programs digitally

Here are some things AmploFly4.0 can do for your organization through Design Thinking:

  • Set the stage for ideation and prototyping utilizing user intelligence, service decomposition, capabilities, and technologies assessment.
  • Reframe the problem with the help of empathy mapping, process assessment, persona creation, and customer journey mapping.
  • Identify the target users by stakeholder mapping, process, location, risks, and stage definition.
  • Prototype and prioritize ideas through in-depth analysis in terms of desirability, viability & feasibility.
  • Include the perspective of all employees and stakeholders to collaboratively solve problems and deliver the maximum ROX (Return on Experience) for customers, vendors/partners, and the employees themselves.

Design thinking is a human-centered process in an increasingly digital world. It is easy to ignore or place low prioritization on the human element of your business. However, people are the foundation of why an organization exists in the first place. Engaging in design thinking ensures that the people element is not only included but remains a priority.

Value Stream Mapping - Intersection of non- value adding steps removal with design thinking and capability modelling

With complex business modules and multiple business processes running simultaneously organisations often face problems in their business model or strategy and design implementation. The solution to the problem lies in two different approaches, one where the customer knows where the problem lies and what to benchmark and eliminate. 


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